Sunday, October 18, 2009

New At Dr. Gerber's

Our high tech dental office features safer more precise diagnostics, comfortable procedures that can be performed in less time and provide superior esthetic results. We have laser cavity detection that reveals cavities up to 18 months before they are visible, digitized x-rays that produce clearer images while reducing radiation exposure by up to 90%, ultrasonic scalers and prophy jet procedures for quicker more comfortable teeth cleanings and the latest Deep Bleaching whitening system for whiter teeth faster. We are continuously monitoring technological advances in dentistry and aggressively pursue the ones we believe will enhance your experience with us. Following are more details of some of the high tech benefits we offer:

New! OraVerse™ Local Anesthesia Reversal
After treatment requiring local anesthesia, you'll be able to return to your normal routine more quickly. Dr. Gerber uses OraVerse™, a new product which reverses the effects of local anesthesia. It cuts the time of being numb in half and is administered after treatment is completed. OraVerse™ was recently FDA approved for children and adults. The active ingredient is phentolamine mesylate which has been used in other medical applications for the last 50 years.

New! Fast, Painless VELscope Detects Oral Cancer Before Visible
You can rest easier knowing that your dental exam is more thorough at our office. Traditional visual screenings for oral cancer miss the disease until it’s advanced and may be too late for treatment or requires disfiguring surgery. When oral cancers are found early, they can be removed before they spread. Our new VELscope technology is clinically proven to detect precancerous lesions in the early, more treatable stages. The exam is a quick painless procedure uses flourescence of the oral cavity to produce images that allow our technicians to immediately identify lesions of concern.

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